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Discover Adobe Kuler

These post is dedicated to those who don’t know Adobes kuler yet.

A couple of years ago I got an invitation to join the new feature of Adobe Labs Kuler. At the begining I was a little bit suspicious cause behind every product or service free of charge there is always something obscure and maybe not pleaseant, so I did not take the chance to try it. I’ve regreted this desicion because I would get a lot of help in my daily work, but now I’m so satisfied with this amazing feature so I decided to share this tool with you if you don’t knowt it yet.

Of course if you want to get the full use of this powerful tool you have to register to the community and you will be able to access to more of the creations of other designers. In the link below you can learn more about how to use kuler. Take a look, it’s not so complicated and I know that you will get a lot of inspiration in your work.

Some Screenshots

kuler Kuler